KBranch International was founded with one goal in mind; to provide you with an alternative and highly profitable investment vehicle and to train other People how to successfully navigate the forex market

Our vastly experienced traders capitalize on inefficiencies in the global currency market (Forex) to frequently capture profitable opportunities. Over time the accumulation of all this trades transacted results in our ability to outperform most other investment vehicles. We have the potential to aggressively grow your wealth rapidly.


A type of Forex account in which a money manager trades the account on a client’s behalf and deducts a fee or fees for the service. Managed Forex Accounts are fully segregated accounts individually owned by each investor at a brokerage firm. These accounts are also considered as Sub-accounts or Slave-accounts and the manager trade from a master account of the same brokerage firm.

Generally, the money manager (the trader) and the investor need to sign a document provided by the brokerage firm is called Limited Power of Attorney agreement (LPOA). This document is an agreement between the trader and the investor which enables the trader to trade an investor’s account on their behalf. The manager cannot transfer the funds to other accounts. There is a great deal of checks and balance between manager and investor for maximum safety, control,and true transparency. Investors can check the balance of their account at any time, see the daily trade activity, or withdraw or deposit funds whenever they want. They can also revoke the LPOA agreement at anytime if they are not happy with how the trader is managing their funds.


  • Absolutely no technical knowledge is required. Growing capital is just like an auto pilot.
  • Higher profitability than any other investment services.
  • Investment opportunities under a highly regulated body.
  • Low service cost. Performance fee is charged only in the profitable month.
  • Low minimum investment. No limit for maximum investment.
  • Diversification of your investment strategies.
  • Top financial freedom. No restriction on deposit/withdraw capital or cancel service.

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