An Investment Team Founded On Core Principles

KBranch International was founded with one goal in mind; to provide you with an alternative and highly profitable investment vehicle.

Our vastly experienced traders capitalize on inefficiencies in the global currency market (Forex) to frequently capture profitable opportunities. Over time the accumulation of all this trades transacted results in our ability to outperform most other investment vehicles. We have the potential to aggressively grow your wealth rapidly.

Most clients understand that in order to achieve higher than average returns, we must take on higher than average risk. Having said that, when you invest with KBranch International you can be assured that the stability of your investment is one of our primary concerns. We operate under three key methodologies: Complete Transparency, Capital Preservation and Consistent Profitability.

Our Investors are categorised into 3:

Conservative Investors

Minimum investment $10,000 and above.

Risk Involved: 30%.

Reward On Investment Monthly is 10% Mim.

Share of Profit 30% High Water Mark.

Aggressive Investors

Minimum Investment $1,000 and above

Risk Involved: 60%.

Reward On Investment up to 100% montly

Share of Profit 40% High Water Mark.

Institutional Investors

Minimum Investment $100,000

Risk Involved: 15%.

Reward On Investment 5% Monthly Min.

Share of Profit 25% High Water Mark.

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